Parts Assembly - Hicks Plastics Company, Inc.

Custom Parts Assembly:

Ultrasonic Welding of Plastic Automotive Lamps

Hicks Plastics unique manufacturing capabilities of custom plastic parts, along with reflective coatings, complete part assembly and on-time delivery are what has built our reputation and long time
loyal customer base.

Hicks Plastics offers you a "one-stop shop"...

 In-house custom Injection Molding machines
 Metalizing of chrome, aluminum and stainless steel
 UV and Thermal cure paint coatings
Automotive Parts Assembly Complete part assembly, testing
 Highest Quality Control Standards
•  Metalizer tooling, Design and Fabrication

Hicks Plastics has the ability to offer their customers a “one-stop shop” for all value added services from design and prototyping to molding, painting, assembly and metalizing.