Automotive Lighting & Trim Parts - Hicks Plastics Company, Inc.
Automotive Lighting & Trim Parts:
Vacuum Metalized Parts by Hicks Plastics Macomb Twp. MI

Hicks Plastics specializes in automotive parts manufacturing,
vacuum metallization and paint finishes along with complete
part assembly from start to finish. Product line ranging from automotive headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, interior trim, and dashboard parts.  Our two state-of-the-art facilities are equipped
to handle all your automotive plastic part needs, utilizing 24 molding machines ranging from 75 ton to 1500 ton. 

In addition to the large molding capacity, Hicks Plastics also has
five state-of-the-art Vacuum Metalizers with the ability to apply reflective stainless steel, chrome and aluminum coatings.

Automotive Plastic Parts never looked so good!
Some of the other capabilities offered by Hicks Plastics are:

UV and Thermal Cure basecoat and topcoat
Packaging Automotive Trim PartsCentral Material Management System
Foil Stamping
Ultrasonic Welding
Insert Molding
Metalizer Tool, Design and Fabrication

Going one step further for our Customers:

  1. Integrating the manufacturing, financial and distribution operations of two plants into one system
  2. The ability to monitor plant processes and store specific
    real time data
  3. A warehouse management system which collects and
    outputs inventory data
  4. Integrated supply chain management, which provides
    visibility to the customer and suppliers via the internet

Hicks Plastics has the ability to offer our customers a “one-stop shop including all value added services from design and prototyping to molding, painting, assembly and metallizing.