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Ultrasonic Welding:

Ultrasonic Welding has many advantages over other plastic-joining processes:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Repeatability - welding usually occurs in less than a second
  3. Cleaner process - no consumables required, less risk of contamination

Ultrasonic welding is one of the most common welding processes used today:

     • Fast and efficient
     • Produces weld that are free of flash
     • Suitable for high volume production
     • Uses no caustic chemicals and produces few fumes

Hicks Plastics implements the most innovative technologies in Ultrasonic Welding techniques:

Ultrasonic welding uses the potential energy within the plastic itself, converting it to heat and sound:

     • Continued motion heats and softens the plastics
     • Vibrations weld plastic surfaces together
     • Tongue and groove joint design and location is very important in ultrasonic welding

Rapid development of the ultrasonic welding machine has occurred in the last ten years. Basic functions
are computer controlled for greater accuracy and reliablity, such as:

     • Weld Energy
     • Trigger force
     • Pressure

Hicks Plastics Sonic Welding Capabilities

Automotive Lens Part Assembly
Ultrasonic Welded Auto Lens
Automotive light housing and lens are sonic welded
Ultrasonic Welded Auto Lens
Ultrasonic Welded Auto Lens
All plastic part components are first manufactured by Hicks Plastics Comany and then assembled, tested and quality control inspected before shipping.

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Automotive side lamp housing and lens are sonic welded
Automotive Lens Part Assembly
Ultrasonic Welded Auto Lens
Automotive lamp assembly housing and lens are sonic welded
Assembly of Automotive Lens
Ultrasonic Welding Automotive Lamp
Hicks Plastics ultrasonic welding of automotive lamp assembly