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VACUUM METALIZING (Sputter Coating Process)

A variation on Vacuum Metalizing (Filiment Evaporation/Cathode Arch/Sputter) called "Low Pressure Deposition."
• Does not utilize complete atmosphere removal (vacuum)
• Utilizes a basecoat, but a highly polished mold/amorphous materials don't need.
• Deposition is very uniform and controlled.
• Creates a very bright appearance (varies with thickness & basecoat color)
• Materials that oxidize must be top coated - is metalizing, not plating.
• Aluminum oxides, chrome, stainless steel.
• Does not oxidize - no top coat required.


Vacuum Metalizer Large Parts Chamber-Hicks Plastics • Parts are sprayed with a basecoat (becoming obsolete
   in new technology with highly polished molds using    amorphous materials).
• Parts are racked, racks put into the chamber, the    chamber is then sealed.
• Argon gas is introduced into the chamber in a    continuously flowing manner.
• Electricity creates an active Argon plasma field in front    of the cathode. (The cathode is an assembly which    contains magnets and provides a mounting for the    target - a plate of the material which will be deposited.
   The magnets are located behind the target.)
• The positively charged (ionized) Argon atoms are    accelerated by passing through a magnetic field    (created by magnets inside the cathode).
• The positive atoms are attracted to the negative
   charged cathode which contains the target.
• The target is bombarded with each ion particle, they individually break off ("chip") an atom of the target material    with each collision (target hit continuously).
• Continuous (and directed) sputteing of tghe release target atoms are "shot" onto the surface of the part    (direction is assisted by the magnetic field - perpendicular to the target.
• The basecoat material/paint (or high gloss amorphous part) provides a smooth surface for the atoms to be    deposited together and build up on the part.
• The part is top coated with HMDSO (in monomer form, polymerized by passing through a plasma created by high    voltage rods - the polymer condensates onto the coating surface).
• The chamber is vented and parts removed/reloaded.

• Approximate cycle time - 5 minutes

Vacuum Metalized Parts by Hicks Plastics Macomb Twp. MI

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